First Module: Creativity

The module I’d like to work on for our first module set is interactive fiction.

I read/participated in many facets of interactive fiction in middle and high school. I worked with YouTube interactive stories, and stories from various web clients, as well as text-based games likeĀ The Hitchhiker’sĀ Guide to the Galaxy online adventure.

For my interactive fiction piece, I’d tentatively like to use Twine, and probably create some kind of survival fiction piece, where the interactions the player/reader makes in the story changes the ending of the plot. I might implement this as a zombie survival story, but I’m not completely sure yet.

Hello World!

Hello world!

Welcome to Stephanie’s Space.

My name is Stephanie Cook, and I’m currently a junior English major with a minor in linguistics.

This space primarily exists for my Digital Studies class, but I might drop by some book/film reviews here and there or talk about my travel plans for the next year.

Hope you enjoy your time here!