Digital Archaeology [Progression Report]

For our Digital Archaeology project my group is deconstructing a Nintendo Gameboy Advance from the year 2000. Disassembling the system wasn’t too hard, but finding our where each individual component comes from has served as quite the task.

Although Nintendo is a fairly well-known company across the globe, not all of their work is carefully detailed online. I’ve been able to find quite a bit of information about certain components, likes the AGB ARM Processor, but when it comes to little chips that regulate the LCD screen and such, google searches turn up absolutely nothing or very little information.

I’ve heard a lot of discussion about how this is a very hard project, but researching where everything comes from and placing it on a map is actually a really cool concept to me, and I’m enjoying it.

So while the process of finding information is a bit hard, the work in the end is pretty cool. I’ll be sure to post some images of the final map to my blog, so stay tuned for that. (:

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