Digital Polarization [Reflection]

Like most things we’ve done in DGST 101, I’ve loved working on DigiPo. The extension is super useful, and I’m glad DigiPo showed me what it was all about.

I worked on the article claiming Hillary Clinton had been officially indicted for treason. This subject was interesting to me because the whole 2016 election seemed like a comedy show that just kept giving (and unfortunately the show has continued).

The original article listing the claim was very biased, and a clickbait article. Upon research the claim was stated as an opinion, and Hillary-haters just ran with the headline.

The page originally had just a claim on it, so my group added all of the information there now. I enjoyed the process, gathering data is always fun, and the claim was so wild that some of the articles were actually pretty interesting.

DigiPo was a project that didn’t take too long to complete and I really enjoyed it. The more we do in this class the more I wish I could be a Comm and DGST major. Maybe I’ll try to pursue the field even with my measley English degree, but digital studies will always be one of my passions after this class.

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