First Module: Creativity [Progression Report]

After toying around with story ideas and reassessing the mediums used in interactive fiction, I’ve started transferring my paper ideas into the digital mediums.

After toying around with each of the platforms a bit, I’ve decided to use¬†Playfic, rather than Twine.

Playfic has been a bit difficult to maneuver with, but I believe once I get more practice with it I will be able to convey my story properly with it.

Using Playfic, I’ve already changed the layout of my story a few times, just to try to get it to fit within the parameters that Playfic functions around. The tutorial provided isn’t terribly helpful, so I’ve looked at other stories and their codes to try and grasp how to platform works.

The code seems straight-forward, but it also leaves me with many questions. For example, why can’t I get the backpack to show up in the list on the right? I’ll have to look through more stories to find out how other’s have created their stories, but once I get the hang of this app, I think the rest of the module will be smooth-sailing.

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