Second Module: Blogging [Progression Report]

After conducting some research on blogging, I think it’s amazing to reflect on how much the platform has grown over the past few years. I remember making a blog a long time ago and only being able to change the background image, and now you can customize almost every aspect of a blog.

Growing up, I remember blogging platforms like LiveJournal, Blogger, and Tumblr getting huge. I remember it was a big thing in middle school and high school for students to make blogs and have other students ask them questions and read about their daily activities.

Blogging in the modern era has definitely spread its scope. There are teens who blog, young adults, adults, and the elderly. Whether it’s blogging about local coupons, their kid’s grades, hipster photos, or travel experiences, blogging has taken over as a form of communication.

Nowadays people even monetize their blogs and make money off of them. Blogs are sources where anyone of the web can see what you’ve written, and everywhere is a public forum.

It will be interesting to see where blogging goes next.

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