Third Module: Networking [Progression Report]

Picking a topic for the third module was really hard for me. I went back and forth between “mapping” and “networking” for a long time, experimenting with websites from both module sets, until finally deciding on mapping. And then I switched to networking a few days later.

That was only half the battle though. I’ve had so many ideas and trials that my kumu project list runs quite a bit down my browser now. Many of the projects I took on were huge, so I had to go to the library or HCC to actually work on them, or my computer would lag out.

I finally decided on doing a console war network, but my ambitions always seem to be higher than what I can actually achieve. It started out just being what verified users on Twitter follow Xbox, Playstation, or both. But I couldn’t just leave out PC gamers like that, and chose to add Steam to my project. I debated adding Steam, or Origin, or Blizzard, etc. but there were so many possibilities when it came to PC gaming, and I went with Steam, simply because it’s a fairly well-known PC gaming platform. I also couldn’t help but add Nintendo, simply because they’re a completely different company than Microsoft’s Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation.

Perhaps now you can see how I ended up a little over my head.

For more on the process of how I actually completed all this, stay tuned to my blog!

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