Assignment: Bots

Our class recently studied bots and practiced making bots ourselves. It was amazing to me to see that so many different kinds of boys exist and that there is a genuine history behind them.

I also didn’t know that making a bot could be so easy. I used SSBot, which is a tool designed by my Digital Studies professor to help others make bots. SSBot is a really nice tool because it does not require the user to have any knowledge of coding. You just click a few buttons, insert some text, and you’ve got a bot.

It was amazing to go through the process of creating a bot myself and see what it’s actually like. While some parts of creating the bot were a lot of trial and error, I was able to create this bot that posts 24 times a day (once an hour) in less than a day.

Creating this bot has really intrigued me and I’d like to experiment with SSBot and possibly create some other bots, likely poetry inspired as well.

If you’d like to check out my bot, please do! My bot is poemsby_ and it mixes together fragments of poetry by Rupi Kaur and Trista Mateer. While not everything it tweets makes sense, sometimes it sounds pretty cool.

First Module: Creativity

The module I’d like to work on for our first module set is interactive fiction.

I read/participated in many facets of interactive fiction in middle and high school. I worked with YouTube interactive stories, and stories from various web clients, as well as text-based games likeĀ The Hitchhiker’sĀ Guide to the Galaxy online adventure.

For my interactive fiction piece, I’d tentatively like to use Twine, and probably create some kind of survival fiction piece, where the interactions the player/reader makes in the story changes the ending of the plot. I might implement this as a zombie survival story, but I’m not completely sure yet.

Hello World!

Hello world!

Welcome to Stephanie’s Space.

My name is Stephanie Cook, and I’m currently a junior English major with a minor in linguistics.

This space primarily exists for my Digital Studies class, but I might drop by some book/film reviews here and there or talk about my travel plans for the next year.

Hope you enjoy your time here!